“There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”

-Nature School Mantra

How To Dress For Cold Weather

Learning how to layer yourself and your children will be one of the most valuable lessons you learn while participating in nature school!

Base Layers

We recommend wearing base layers made of merino wool to help regulate you or your child’s temperature as you move around and play. This applies to the top and bottom, along with socks! Wool dries fast and does a great job at working with your body to regulate temperature. Avoid cotton as your base layers. Cotton absorbs sweat and water very easily and takes a long time to dry.

Mid Layers

Something heavier than your base layer, cotton is fine as a mid-layer. Your mid layer should be easy to remove or add on if you or your child gets too warm or too cold.

Outer Layers

This layer is one of the most important because it is the first layer to protect the other layers from the elements outdoors. Ideally, you want your outer layer to be waterproof (not water-resistant, there is a difference). This layer is designed to keep out the wind, rain, or snow. This applies to jackets and pants.


Waterproof shoes are a necessity during the colder months in nature school. Find a shoe that is warm and insulating on the inside, but also waterproof on the outside so the water doesn’t get in!


Other necessary items during the cold and extreme cold months is a hat, gloves, and a face mask/buff. Dress as if you or your child are going skiing. A lot of your body heat escapes through your head, so cover it up! If you or your child’s neck and/or face is exposed, cover it up! And last but not least, gloves. Little hands are most commonly the first thing to become cold on a child. Make sure your child is prepared with waterproof gloves that stay on their hands! We know this can be tough for the littlest of ones- just do your best and come prepared!

How To Prepare For Winter Storms

Socks and Base Layers

  • Ella’s Wool—Amazingly soft and warm merino wool clothing and base layers. Founded by a mother on the East Coast! Code: wildbeginnings

  • Iksplor – Women and children merino wool layers based in Jackson Hole WY by two sisters. Code: wildbeginnings

  • LL Bean is a little bit more affordable and works great.

  • Smartwool or Darn Tough—Great quality socks and base layers.

  • Keep the Littles Wild– Fun nature-themed clothing for babies and toddlers. They sell UPF hoodies that are great for hot summers! Code: WBNS


  • Patagonia—Not as affordable, but the best quality around, with great eco-cred—these are the ultimate hand-me-downs. And, you can find some deals on their worn wear site. Or, check Patagonia Web Specials for deals.

  • Backcountry—High quality outdoor gear, often on sale.

  • REI—Another high quality gear source who is committed to making the world a better place with great gear. REI has a used gear section, too.


  • Oaki—High quality snowsuits, rainsuits, pants, jackets and more. Plus, you can use the discount code WildBeginnings, to get 25% off ANYTIME! See the site for Black Friday/Cyber week deals, too,

  • Polarn O. Pyret—High quality, Scandinavia-tested outerwear.

  • WinterKids.com—A good select at decent prices, with regular sales.

  • L.L. Bean—We love their quality, colorful puffy coats and classic duck boots, and they truly guarantee each and every purchase.



  • Stonz- great for all ages, especially preschool!
  • SnowStoppers—simply the best way to keep small hands warm and dry in the snow.
  • Veyo Kids– We have partnered with them as well for their Mittyz. They are waterproof with super fun design that little kids love and that helps keep toddlers hands warm! Great for toddlers who hate gloves. 


  • Any wool, fleece-lined hat does the trick. Just don’t shrink it in the dryer!

Face- and neck-warmers

  • Turtle Fur—Funny name, fantastically warm and soft fleece—on Amazon.com.


  • Bogs—Easy on and off, waterproof and ready for anything.
  • Oakiwear boots are favorites for the rain and they have loop boots that make it easy for toddlers to put on themselves. (Again WildBeginnings for 25% off at check out)

OR check out outdoorschoolshop.com to buy gear all in one stop!

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