Our Mission

Wild Beginnings will offer a safe environment where children can learn, develop and thrive while reaching toward their highest potential. Wild Beginnings will provide an opportunity for all children to engage in life-changing experiences through nature and a quality outdoor education as well as enhancing creativity and well-being. We aim to inspire and empower those we serve, in building foundational life skills that will last a lifetime.

Our Vision

We hope to be leaders in the Forest/Nature School movement by setting national standards for schools across the US.

Therefore contribute in providing opportunities for all children to engage in and benefit from nature-immersed experiences, safely and productively.

Our Core Beliefs

  1. We believe that all children are inherently good
  2. We believe that unplugging from technology and the busyness of life, and connection with self, others, and nature, will have life long benefits
  3. We believe love is the ultimate teaching tool
  4. We believe in kindness and respect for all living things
  5. We believe children learn best through play
  6. We believe imaginative children grow into creative adults
  7. We believe that through our program children can develop resilience, strength, independence, flexibility, creavitiy and more