Forest Preschool Teacher

Wild Beginnings in Idaho is looking for a preschool teacher to work with children ages 3-5 for Monday-Friday AM/PM classes. A teacher must be able to work a minimum of two days a week. We are a Nature school where we spend all day outside in all types of weather including rain, snow, high winds, and cold weather (20F). 

You must work for the entire school year, September 2023 – June 2024. The class ratio is one teacher to five students with a limit of 10 paid students per class. We use Waldorf Teaching Philosophies. 

Wild Beginning Nature School provides entirely outdoor education programs that are distinguished by: 

  • A commitment to 100% outdoor nature immersion 
  • Child interest-led learning
  • Inquiry-based teaching style 
  • Teaching to the whole child: body, heart, and mind.

We believe that children learn best through direct experience with the natural world. Our goal is to tap into their senses of wonder about nature while teaching basic environmental principles and following our state’s guidelines for getting kids ready for kindergarten. We promote respect for all living beings, we believe that love is the ultimate teaching tool, that children learn best through play, and we promote how to minimize our impact on the earth. Moments of learning and growing at Wild Beginnings are created through the magic of free play, exploring nature with all one’s senses, story-telling, games, personal and collective art projects, building, journaling, songs, and much more. Our lessons flow organically from what nature presents each day. 


  • Help to plan and carry out daily programs in an inviting and safe manner including helping children stay comfortable in inclement weather conditions and managing risk in an outdoor setting.
  • Plan intentional lessons each week for your students. 
  • Maintain and house classroom supplies and lessons.
  • Work together with fellow Forest Preschool teachers to create, and problem solve with lesson planning and classroom management.
  • Teach a nature-based curriculum under the direction of the Preschool Coordinator.
  • Set up and tear down outdoor classrooms each day including shelter building when necessary
  • Conduct assessment methods including observation, documentation, and portfolio. 
  • Effectively communicate with families in person, through email, and Brightwheel (our family portal). 
  • Represent the school philosophy and core values at community, networking, and fundraising events.
  • Watch for and encourage the physical, emotional, and social health of the students.
  • Ensuring regular headcount of students (every 5 minutes or when changing an activity; whichever is shorter). 
  • Intermittent trips to the store for specialty supplies or to replenish supplies.
  • Source books appropriate to the curriculum to read during class.
  • Administer any first aid and keep records of all injuries.
  • Maintain, house, and keep a record of classroom supplies.
  • Ability to sing songs, use puppets as a teaching tool, and talent in storytelling. 


  • Has conducted a successful interview as well as a working interview.
  • CPR certification or willing to get certified.
  • Be able and willing to pass a background check.
  • Experience in, and knowledge of, outdoor education, outdoor safety practices, and requirements for staying warm during the cold months including shelter building.
  • Experience with early childhood development and Waldorf practices.
  • Ability to read curriculum and bring it to life in an outdoor classroom setting.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.


  • Able to work occasional weekends and evenings (i.e., community events, open houses, conferences, etc.).
  • Attends training opportunities and monthly staff meetings as provided and scheduled.
  • Ability to lift children up to 40 pounds
  • Ability to stand, bend and stoop for prolonged periods of time, and hike on varying terrains.
  • Maintains the school’s professional attitude and work behavior.
  • Observes all rules and regulations of the school and local, state, or national regulatory agencies pertaining to the health, safety, and care of children.


  • Summers off: with the option of being a summer camp leader
  • Flexibility: Choose how many and which days you would like to work each week. Must be able to commit to the same schedule from September-June.
  • Bring your kids to work: Teachers who are also parents can bring their own kid(s) to class! Teachers receive one free enrollment and one 50% off tuition for second child if children attend class with them.
  • Training: Online and in-person training in play-based learning, early childhood development, Waldorf practices, outdoor skills and education, and more. Direct support from Kindergarten Coordinator and co-teacher.
  • Fun and Beautiful Working Environment: If you enjoy working with children AND being outdoors in a beautiful location, this is the job for you!

REPORT TO: Preschool Coordinator 

Applicant must have the ability to problem-solve independently, schedule daily activities, model good communication and to communicate and work effectively with professional staff and parents. Ability is required to monitor student academic performance and behaviors across settings and to physically position and manipulate students as necessary.

Leadership and organizational skills are a must. The ability to communicate clearly and efficiently to the Forest Preschool Coordinator is imperative. Willingness to invest in and work with a new and upcoming school with long-term success in mind.