Nature Babies Teacher

A Nature Babies Teacher provides instructional leadership that enables students and caregivers to learn experientially, through direct guided experience using sensory awareness, active participation and nature’s resources. The Nature Babies Teacher helps create opportunities that align to support the caregivers’ health, knowledge in infant development, supports educational objectives, augments classroom curriculum, and extends academic/social emotional growth. The Nature Babies Teacher creates experiential activities and knowledge tailored to outdoor learning objectives and caregiver goals. 

Nature Babies Teacher applicants must be able to commit to work for a season (10 week session) (Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter).

REPORT TO: Director of Colorado


  • Instructing 0-18 month olds and their caregiver in nature-based, play-driven curriculum.
  • Encourage the nurturing of the physical, emotional, and social health of each baby as well as caregiver.
  • Maintain, house, and keep record classroom supplies.
  • Help develop and implement age appropriate curriculum and behavioral education as well as mothers health information.
  • Set-up and tear down outdoor classroom each week, including shelter building (for inclement weather).
  • Continuously assess and manage health and safety risks on site.
  • Administer any first aid and keep records of all injuries.
  • Send weekly emails to caregivers.
  • Represent the school philosophy and core values at community and regional networking and fundraising events.
  • Source books appropriate to curriculum to read during class.
  • Ability to sing songs, use puppets as a teaching tool, and talent in storytelling.
  • Work outside in all types of weather, with the exception being if temperatures reach below 13F degrees (with/without windchill), lightning expected, or high winds
  • Intermittent trips to the store for speciality supplies or to replenish supplies  (using a stipend).
  • Ability to independently problem-solve, schedule daily activities, model good communication and to communicate and work effectively with professional staff and parents.


  • Supportive of new caregivers and charismatic towards others.
  • Comfortable in teaching in all weather.
  • Ability to read curriculum and bring it to life in an outdoor classroom setting.
  • Experience working with children ages 0-18 months.
  • Ability to stand, bend and stoop for prolonged periods of time, and hike on varying terrains.
  • Knowledge about early childhood education and Waldorf practices.


  • Flexibility: Set your own schedule, choose your location, and frequency of classes to fit your needs. Must be able to commit to the same schedule/location for the season (10 week session).
  •  Bring your kids to work: Teachers who are also parents can bring their own kid(s) to class.
  • Training: Online and in-person training in play-based learning, early childhood development, Waldorf practices, and outdoor education. Direct in-person support from the Director of Colorado.


Part-time position 

Paid as a contractor on a scale of # of paid children per class.