Colorado Forest Preschool Enrollment 2023-2024

Our Forest Preschool is a great way to offer your 3-5 year old child an opportunity to learn in the forest all year long. We believe nature is the best teacher and landscapes tell endless stories.

Each day we will offer unstructured play as an important time for children to socialize, express ideas, problem solve, explore and connect to nature. We take a wellness moment for children to reflect and observe their surroundings. Long periods of exploration and discovery are offered along with a daily activity. Classes are 2.5 hours long.

2023-2024 Calendar

September 11th – December 1st

(Thanksgiving Break November 20-24th)

December 4th – March 8th

(Holiday Break December 25th – January 7th)

(Holiday on January 15th)

(Holiday on February 19th)

March 11th – May 31st

(Spring Break March 18-22)

(Holiday on May 27)


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