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Wild Beginnings Nature School

Welcome to Wild Beginnings Nature School!

(Formerly known as WildRoots Nature School) We are a completely outdoor nature-immersed school for children ages 0 – 10 years old!

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“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength.”

Maria Montessori

Creativity – Discovery – Adventure
Cooperative Learning – Growth Mindset – Authentic Experiences

Idaho: Eagle, Boise, Nampa, Star

Colorado: Wheat Ridge

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Special thanks to our partners:

Special thanks to our partners:


“My son loved every second of school! He asked regularly to go to Nature School, made close friends and gained more confidence and independence. He learned to communicate better and play with his peers. Outside is his happy place and I’m so thrilled that nature School provided him with the opportunity to learn and grow wear he feels safe.”

Linda T.

Wild Beginnings Nature School is such an innovative and unique way for my child to learn! Kids need an option to just be kids and explore and connect to nature, to get messy, to connect with birds and bugs and to just be! The staff are so friendly and I can tell they are passionate about this work! Children don’t need classrooms, they need to be immersed in nature and be given the freedom to learn at their own pace in the most enriching and inspirational environment of all – the great outdoors!

Carlie D.

We have so enjoyed Wild Beginnings Nature Babies sessions.
In a time where all of our babies were born in the middle of a pandemic, it’s been amazing to have the opportunity to get them together to socialize and learn with other babies!
It’s also been great for me, a new mom, to have something to look forward to each week. Having open discussion about our experiences, mental health, etc while our babes our playing has been a huge benefit to joining Nature Babies.
I’d recommend Wild Beginnings to everyone! Especially new moms.

Ashley B.

My toddlers and I have gone through 2 seasons of Nature School and are anxiously awaiting our third in the Spring. The staff is amazing – so patient and clever and engaging for both the littles and the parents. I have watched both of my toddlers really come out of their shell with the other littles in class and they look forward to their outdoor adventures every week. As a single income family, we have found the tuition to be very reasonable as well. Highly recommend!!!

Meg D.

We loved taking the Wild Beginnings Caregiver and Me class! Miss Staci was such a wonderful teacher to all the little toddlers and we had a lot of fun. She did a great job at letting the littles move as needed but also provided fun and educational activities to help focus their attention. My son’s favorite were the nature friends, little skunk puppets who were a part of each class. We are so glad that we have a great preschool option like this in the valley!

Haylee R.

I feel so lucky to have found Wild Beginnings Nature School! The owner is amazingly creative and has a huge heart for children.We started with the Caregiver and Me classes. For me it has been a confidence builder, as I learn to be outside in all kinds of weather and explore with my children. It has been a wonderful opportunity for my kids to be wild and explore. This program is guided and structured, but child led. They get to do so many wonderful open ended activities, sing songs, experiment in nature, create art, go on hikes, and more. It has been so worth it for us. Come check it out for yourself, bring your kids for a free trial. Karyssa will welcome you, as well as the new teachers, and I know you won’t be disappointed! See you there! 🙂

Brittany M.

My kiddo, who typically feels very shy in new surroundings or with new people, loves the classmates and teachers at nature school! After every class, I hear about not wanting to go home. Even when it’s cold and windy, my child has a great time and wants to return.

Heather M.

We enrolled our incredibly shy child in this program to give her the opportunity to grow socially and learn to interact with others without parents present while exploring and enjoying nature.

Initially, we expected her to be hesitant to let us leave as she had never before been without a family member. Instead, she ran off into the wilderness, a place she has always felt comfortable and safe, and had the best time. She now knows the names of all her classmates, has several special friends, and begs to go to Nature School every day.

Travis M.

We are loving Wild Beginnings! I was searching high and low for preschools for my kids and didn’t like much I came across especially during the pandemic. We love the outdoors, our kids have been hiking since they were weeks old so they already have a symbiotic relationship with nature. This school is a perfect combination of school and being outside. I am pleasantly surprised how structured it is given there is no physical classroom. Our kids are always excited to tell us what they did when we pick them up. I also love how it’s starting to feel like a community, we get lots of updates on what’s going on with school week to week, other activities planned by the school, picture day etc etc. Karyssa and her team are doing an awesome job and I would highly recommend this school to anyone.

Brooke J.

Love the Wild Beginnings Nature Babies classes. As a first time mom, these classes have helped me to be able to socialize my little one and also experience sensory play she wouldn’t normally get at home. It also helps to get me out of the house, which is good for mental well being. I also love the group of mom’s and the sense of community! I highly recommend these classes!

Rebecca S.

As a grandparent, I fell in love with the gentle enthusiasm of the teacher. Loved the songs, the art, and the freedom of the class. Loved watching how captivated and engaged the kids were by Miss Kate and all the activities. It was a very calming class for both the children and the caregivers. 5 stars!

Janine G.

“The teachers are engaging & fun! My son always is fun and looks forward to class. Classes are hands on and relevant for my child’s age. We LOVE Wild Beginnings.”

Sammi C.

“My son (5) and daughter (3) attend the Forest Preschool in Boise. We love the teachers and the knowledge they bring of the outdoors.

When they saw a wood chips made from beavers they had a whole conversation about beavers and their behavior/habits.

My kids climb trees, make shelters, build dens, explore the water, learn about animals and local flora and fauna.

Through their play, the teachers, are constantly adding in opportunities to work on counting, recall, problem solving, sounds, shapes, colors, measurements and more. I know when we my kids are no longer able to attend Forest School they will be ready for the next school of our choosing.”

Alison L.